Electrical Trace Heating Systems

Electrical trace heating systems are used in many walks of industry, e.g. piping, tank/container heating, instrumentation, pumps etc.. Depending on the medium to be heated within these systems, temperatures have to remain either constant for applications such as frost protection or the heating up to defined temperatures. To do this either self-limiting heating band or fixed resistance heating cable is used. Due to the high dust temperatures within the flue gas cleaning, mineral insulated heating cable is the preferred solution.

Electrical Trace Heating in Explosion Endangered Areas

Manufacturers of electrical trace heating can only install their systems in explosion endangered areas if the corresponding certificate of use can be provided. To do this, all essential safety requirements for the complete heating system have to be fulfilled. The manufacturer has to carry out all quality assurance measures which are monitored by a recognized authority. Trace tec, as a specialist company, is certified under the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), to supply and install self-manufactured products/third-party products in explosion endangered areas.

Electrical Trace Heating Systems and Building Infrastructure

Electrical trace heating is found in many areas of building infrastructure, e.g. piping which has to be frost-protected. Another area is piping used for kitchen waste-water, where fatty-deposits have to be avoided especially at bottle necks. Furthermore, electrical trace heating can also be found in guttering and down-pipes to protect against damage in winter.


Trace tec’s team of fitters consists of motivated experts, who understand and can solve complex tasks within a short space of time.

Safety training as well as certification according to SCC of the individual fitters is guaranteed by Trace tec.

Trace tec’s team of specialist and construction managers are operational on a national as well as an international level, providing their services from the beginning of assembly, up to and including commissioning of the complete plant.

Switch Cabinet Manufacture

Further to electrical trace heating, Trace tec offers its own “in-house” switch cabinet manufacturing.

Switch cabinets are designed and built by our own technicians, the emphasis being on the close cooperation between supplier and customer, making sure all customer wishes have been incorporated.

All components are matched to the trace heating being used and are distinctive through their high technical, safety and quality standards. We are also able to provide solutions where very fine settings in the electronic measurement and control unit areas are required.


Trace tec offers all-encompassing engineering solutions based on many years of experience and knowledge in the world of trace heating.

The planning and dimensioning, especially concerning large plant, is enormously important.

Such planning and engineering is carried out using our own tried and tested processes, also recognized by leading plant builders.

Comprehensive documentation is supplied parallel to the planning. It is electronically produced and adapted to suit individual customer wishes.