Electrical trace-heating systems from Trace tec
More security. Higher quality.

Our electrical trace-heating systems are suitable for numerous applications, including heating pipelines, flue gas plants, filter systems, tanks, containers, tools, pumps, fittings, roof gutters, downpipes. They heat objects to the right temperature and consistently keep them at the required temperatures. They monitor all features, keep systems free of frost, and prevent costly malfunctions and/or repairs. All Trace tec systems solutions boast high durability and cost effectiveness.

Also certified for areas subject to explosion hazards
Extremely high security standards apply in areas at risk of explosions. Only electrical trace-heating systems made by manufacturers with proof of the right qualifications may be installed in such areas. On top of that, not only must the entire heat-tracing system meet the basic security requirements, but every manufacturer is obligated to install a quality assurance system monitored by an external inspection body within their company. We confidently fulfil these high demands. Not only is Trace tec certified in accordance with guideline 2014/34/EU (ATEX), we also exclusively deliver and install products we have manufactured ourselves. This ensures the all-around high quality of our security concept.

Assembly: quality relies on qualifications

You will also be impressed by our assembly team. It consists of flexible, motivated specialists who are capable of quickly solving complex problems. The entire Trace Tec team regularly takes part in training and specialisation programmes as well as security training. Of course, every employee also has an SCC certification. This guarantees consistently high quality. No matter where in the world you’re based, our team is there for you to implement projects from installation through to initial operation.